Condos Now Selling Above Listing Price

Properties selling above the asking price isn’t a new concept. It happens regularly if a property is in high demand or demand is just high in general. However, it doesn’t normally happen with condos, which are usually an option for people who are on a low budget. This year, the number of condos sold, percent of condos sold over asking price, the sale price, and the average price over asking all skyrocketed. The trend began in May, and June saw record numbers across the board.

In a climate of high demand and low mortgage rates, like the current real estate market, properties are selling fast. Very fast. The median days on market for condos halved in the past year. The reason it’s condos specifically is that prices are also high, which means many people are looking for a budget option. They still need to stretch their budget, though, since heavy competition means they’re probably not going to strike a deal without offering over asking price or paying cash.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

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