Spinach & Strawberry Salad

Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

The traditional dinner salad is most often an unexciting food. Ditch that classic iceberg lettuce studded with cherry tomatoes in favor of this taste treat. These flavors will burst in your mouth from the first bite to the last. Whether you serve it in the heat of summer, or as a year-round starter, this dish… Continue reading Spinach & Strawberry Salad

Bœuf a la Bourguignon

boeuf a la bourguignon

First, how does one pronounce that impossible looking name? “Bœuf,” French for “beef,” sounds like a cross between “bif” and “buff.” Say it quickly and you’ll be close enough. “Bourguignon” is bu̇r-gēn-ˈyȯn. Just remember that the letters “g-n” are pronounced in French as though they were “n-y.” But, you don’t need to pronounce it to… Continue reading Bœuf a la Bourguignon