The Next Steps After a Successful Purchase

Once a transaction closes, new homebuyers are eager to get to the celebrating. Go ahead and celebrate, but don’t get ahead of yourself. While the real estate agent’s job is done, the homebuyer’s isn’t. Owning a new home also means many of your financial specifics have just changed. Don’t fall behind on your paperwork and payments because of out-of-date information.

Make sure your mortgage payments are properly set up. Verify the date of your first payment and get it in before it’s late. Consider setting up automatic payments to ensure that they’re on time. Your property tax amount also may have changed, and you’ll need to update your homeowner’s insurance.

There are also a couple things that may not need your immediate attention, but that you should be aware of. Loans are one thing that banks and other lenders often sell to each other. It’s entirely possible that who you owe money to will change, and this is especially important to keep track of if you are sending physical checks. The other thing to look out for is scams. They’re going to increase in frequency immediately after a sale, as scammers often try to pose as insurance companies selling home insurance or mortgage insurance.

Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash