Preparing for an Out-Of-State Purchase

Out-of-state purchases are becoming more common, with improvements in remote showing technology as well as increased popularity of the work-from-home model. People have even been purchasing sight-unseen, and requesting remote closing processes. Remote transactions may not be what you’re looking for, but regardless of your reasons for buying in another state, being prepared is even more more important than usual.

While big-name real estate agents are big for a reason, it may be more beneficial to choose a local agent for the area you’re looking in. They will be more intimately familiar with the area. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, especially about the area’s transaction process. You may think you’ve been through it before, but it could be different in another state. Even if you’ve been to the state before, a local agent will likely know more than you. Not just the agent, either — ask the locals questions as well.

Photo by Dong Zhang on Unsplash