Homeowners Underestimating Monthly Ownership Costs

Two-thirds of homeowners feel they spend a large portion of their annual income just on their house. For 54% of homeowners, it’s their single largest financial burden. Most homeowners are well aware that homeownership is costly, yet still worth the price. Nevertheless, just over a third are struggling more than they expected with the annual cost of things such as mortgages, property taxes, and maintenance.

Housing costs are also increasing over time, which is contributing to the unexpected struggles. Single-income households are certainly worse off, but even dual-income households are having financial woes. But the most significant contributor to unexpected costs is repairs and maintenance. It seems most homeowners simply don’t consider how much it could cost to maintain their home. However, even costs that are laid out ahead of time are causing more strain than people realize. Almost half of homeowners didn’t think HOA costs would be such a big deal.

Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

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