Top Priorities of Homebuyers

While homebuyers don’t necessarily have the experience to know everything they should be considering when buying a home, they definitely know what they want. It may not be easy or even possible to match all the criteria at once, but there are several top priorities buyers look for in an ideal home. These are the factors buyers typically tell their agents they’re considering most.

The first is safety. Buyers will usually research a specific area’s crime rate before considering it, though if they don’t have a predetermined idea of which area they want to live in, they may not know all of the crime rates in various regions. You shouldn’t only rely on statistics, though. Go visit and see for yourself what the area is like. Spend some time there. If you don’t feel safe, you probably don’t want to live there, even if the crime rate doesn’t seem very high. Something else buyers want is proximity to work, friends and family, and community amenities. However, they also want to be careful to balance this with light traffic, while being close enough to main roads. There’s going to be some sacrifice made. Make the commute yourself before buying, instead of just looking at map data. Another extremely important factor for most buyers is having a good school system. It’s very difficult to enrolls your children in a school system outside of your school district, though it is technically possible. Buyers also want to make sure the area isn’t too expensive to live in outside of purchasing the home, meaning low cost of living and low local taxes.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash