Small Money-Saving Tips That Add Up Over Time

Some routine expenses may not seem like they’ll break your bank individually, but they aren’t just one-off expenses, and there’s often a cheaper way. You may notice these things more easily if you record your budget in a spreadsheet. This is a good practice for tax season anyway, and it could open your eyes to a whole lot of unnecessary spending.

Many people start their work day by grabbing a cup of coffee from someplace like Starbucks or a donut shop, then at lunch time, pick up a ready-made sandwich. Both of these things can be done at home. It takes more time, but it doesn’t have to get in the way of your morning, and it’s far cheaper. The coffee machine can be prepped at night and turned on when you wake up, and you can prepare and bag a sandwich in the evenings as well. You can also probably save on groceries by creating a list and sticking to it. Impulse buys are not uncommon, and while you may simply start adding some of these items to your list, they probably won’t all make it there. Another cost saving measure, this time unrelated to food, is ditching cable service. Streaming services can cover the same channels for a fraction of the cost.

Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash