Buyers Want to Bring the Outdoors Into Their Home

What buyers want and what they’re able to get isn’t always the same thing. Buyers nowadays are frequently settling, due to high prices. However, their search keywords are a decent indicator of what they want, even if it’s just wishful thinking. And what they want right now is outdoor living, except from the comfort of their home.

The number 1 most searched home feature is a swimming pool. In fact, buyers currently seem rather obsessed with water. If they can’t get a pool or hot tub, many are happy with a view of the water, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be an ocean view. The second most searched term is a view of rivers, and beaches, waterfronts, lakes, or really any kind of water is a popular view. Buyers are also looking for other types of outdoor amenities, such as horse facilities, boating facilities, golf, tennis, and basketball. And of course, they search for a large lot or outbuildings to accommodate all these features.

Photo by Kristina Laskova on Unsplash