Most Common Compromises of Buyers

Buyers rarely find exactly the perfect home for them. There’s always something that isn’t quite what they wanted. But how do they decide what they’re willing to give up? Well, it’s different for everyone, because different buyers have different needs, and their decision may not actually be the best they could make. What can be tracked is statistical likelihood of certain decisions.

The most frequent concessions are age or condition, size, and style. Location is typically extremely important and not something most buyers want to budge on. While many buyers don’t want complete fixers, they may settle for homes with natural wear and tear due to age. Larger homes are becoming more popular, but the main attraction is more rooms. For many buyers, the rooms don’t actually have to be very big, as long as they’re big enough to serve their purpose. Style of a home does have some importance, since some styles may be more popular and fetch a higher price when you eventually go to sell it. Since you won’t know what will be trending far into the future, though, style is ultimately cosmetic. Many buyers are perfectly content ditching their preferred style for something that better suits their practical needs.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash