How to Optimize Your Closet Space

In order to figure out how best to organize your closet, there are two major questions that need to be answered: What can it store, and what do you want to store? The first question may seem obvious, but many people don’t actually properly measure their closet. You’ll want to know exact dimensions and also account for storage aids such as rods, dividers, and shelving. Figure out how to get the most out limited space. You can even hang hangers on other hangers, if you need to.

The second question is rarely considered at all. Any leftover space is generally occupied by anything that can be shoved in there with the clothes. This isn’t optimal, and you should really plan ahead what exactly you want to go in your closet. For example, snow clothes probably don’t need to be there. You’ll only wear them in winter, so you don’t need easy access to them most of the year. Think about what you use each item for, and group the items by function. Also, clothing doesn’t even have to be what it’s used for at all. Maybe all or most of your clothing can be put in a dresser, leaving room in the closet for things like sheets or towels.

Photo by Adrienne Leonard on Unsplash