How To Baby-Proof Your New Home

A common reason to purchase a new home is needing more space because you are expecting kids. But just having more space isn’t going to prepare your home for all the trouble a baby can get into. By the time your kid is able to crawl, you’ll want to have finished baby-proofing your home.

Some things are probably pretty obvious, like using baby gates, locking drawers, keeping hazardous substances away, and covering up sharp edges. But some safety precautions are things you may not think about. While it’s true that babies often like soft and fluffy blankets, leaving them around loose can be a suffocation risk. When you’re in the kitchen, you’re probably used to having pot and pan handles turned towards you for ease of access. But once your kid can walk, there’s a good chance they can reach up there. Make sure to turn the handles inward. You should also acquire a latch for the oven. Bathrooms can be dangerous for both kids and adults, so you may already have taken precautions such as non-slip mats for your bathroom. But if not, make sure to get some. You may also want to get soft covers for the knobs and spouts.

Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash