How To Do Curb Appeal The Right Way

Plenty of people will tell you that curb appeal is important when making a first impression on buyers. Less commonly does anyone explain what you can do to achieve good curb appeal. Cleaning, yard maintenance, and repainting are still solid steps, but at this stage, everyone knows that — it’s not going to make your home stand out. You need to focus on the smaller details as well.

As already stated, repainting is great. But don’t just put on a fresh coat of the same color, unless it’s already a good color. Many homeowners save paint cans for just this purpose; however, it’s better to select colors strategically. Even on the exterior of the home, it should give an indication of the home’s character on the inside. If the exterior is painted a vibrant red or orange, for example, buyers will be expecting a colorful interior. If the exterior paint is a neutral shade, buyers will expect more subdued interior colors as well. You should also pay attention to the environment around the home, and pick colors that accentuate your home while not clashing with the environment.

One thing that makes this easier is that you do have some control over the home’s immediate environment. You can trim or remove trees on your property or transplant new ones. You can choose plants that can survive all year round, pick a variety of different plants, or replant as the seasons change. Even if you don’t have a yard, you can add window boxes. New, strategically placed lighting fixtures can also help with this by highlighting specific areas. Other elements that are technically not part of the structure of the home but can be updated or replaced are your house numbers and mailbox.

Photo by Reshma Mallecha on Unsplash