Don’t Skimp on Listing Photography

The first thing anyone is going to see when looking at a listing is the photos. People aren’t going to be interested if there are no photos. But that doesn’t mean you can just take snaps with your phone’s camera and toss them up there, even with some editing. The fact of the matter is that no one is going to come see your property if it looks terrible in the photos. In addition, while there are plenty of photography tricks to improve the appearance, no one is going to buy your property if it looks significantly different from the photos.

That’s where professional photography comes in. Professional photographers know how to manipulate not the photographs themselves, but the camera settings and lenses, angles, lighting, and even which aspects of your home to highlight. None of these are making false promises. Rather a professional will find the best way to make the truth of what your home is stand out to buyers. Good panoramic shots require a specific type of lens. The colors of your home influence what time of day and which flash settings will provide the best lighting. Pros will seek out intricate details and unique features that make your home stand out from the competition.

Photo by Damir Babacic on Unsplash