How to Spot Neighborhoods on the Rise

If you’re looking for a place that is affordable yet in a nice neighborhood, look no further than neighborhoods that are up and coming. The process of gentrification significantly increases an area’s desirability, but unfortunately also significantly raises prices. Areas that have just begun this process, though, are probably still inexpensive.

There are a few things you can look at to determine which neighborhoods are in this category. Two of them involve correlations with hard data that you can access from professionals. The city’s municipal office can provide information about building and renovation permits. A high degree of activity in either of these, but especially renovation permits, implies that the neighborhood is about to become more expensive — but isn’t yet. The other statistic to look for is days on market. Slowly dwindling days on market is a precursor to a highly desirable neighborhood. If this is information you’re interested in, just call or email us, since as your real estate agents, we can help you track it so you can grab the best deals before it’s too late.

The third way to find blossoming neighborhoods may take a wider social network, since it’s not easy to just find the data. This way is to figure out where the young, creative types are going. Young adults and all types of artists generally have lower income and will be looking in cheaper areas, but also seek out trends and will want to know what areas are becoming more popular. In addition, creativity gives neighborhoods a type of personality that strongly attracts multiple kinds of buyers.

Photo by Avi Naim on Unsplash