Showing Your Home During the Holiday Season

Winter is always a slow season for real estate. Most people are too busy with the holidays to think about buying or selling. But it does happen. Buyers willing to look during winter are already a captive audience, since they clearly have a reason to buy, but you can still do your part as the seller to seal the deal. In addition to improving your curb appeal, which is an excellent motivator at any time of the year, you can use the season to your advantage in winter.

Make your home inviting. Add more lighting, especially outdoors. It gets dark earlier in winter, and prospective buyers want to be able to actually see your home. If you have a fireplace, turn it on, or turn up your heater. Winter is colder even in places that don’t get snow, especially after work hours. Staging your home for the holidays can also help. Even if you don’t celebrate or aren’t feeling particularly festive, a plate of cookies or season-appropriate decorations will let people know someone does call this place home.

Photo by Nazrin B-va on Unsplash