More Listings Than Usual Expected This Winter

This winter is probably going to be hotter than usual — and I’m not talking about climate change. According to a survey conducted in September and October of this year, 65% of sellers who planned to list between then and the end of 2022 are targeting either this year or the first quarter of next year. The holiday season tends to be slower, but sellers aren’t predicting that it will be.

Compared to the spring, many more sellers are expecting things to go their way. 38% are banking on heavy competition, which will also lead to higher-priced offers either at or above asking price, more all-cash offers, and more concessions by the buyer. They also think they’ll be getting offers quickly; 42% expect an offer within the first week. Only 1% of respondents don’t expect any of these things to happen.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash