Let Your Kids Help With Moving

Kids can complicate the process of moving. Young children may not understand what’s happening, or just not understand the reasons why. Older kids that know what’s going on may simply have strong emotions about significant life changes such as this. Parents wish they could do something to make the transition smoother. Well, it turns out they can: Involve the kids in the process.

A large factor in kids’ reluctance to move is that they feel a lack of control. It’s simply something that’s happening and unavoidable, rather than something they’re doing. Take them to open houses with you, so they can familiarize themselves with their potential new homes. Ask them to help pack — you may think your kids aren’t going to want to be given tasks, but if it helps them feel like they are an actor rather than observer, they will feel more in control. Hosting a goodbye party for the kids, and not just for adults, can also help to add closure.

The process doesn’t end with moving out. There is more to do after moving in. Unpacking is just as important as packing. Let them help choose paint colors and the arrangement of furniture, especially in the room that will become their new bedroom. Once you’ve settled in the new house, go meet your neighbors, and take your kids with you.

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash