Missteps of Inexperienced Home Sellers

Sellers who haven’t done their research, especially first-time sellers, are prone to certain errors when selling their home. Many of these involve wanting to get as much money as they possibly can. What sellers don’t realize is that they may need to either temper their expectations or spend some money to make money. Besides these sorts of issues, sellers also sometimes don’t have a new place lined up for themselves for when the sale goes through, which can cause them to spend unnecessary money on temporary rentals.

Especially in a hot market, sellers tend to overprice their homes. It’s true that prices are high right now, but listing your home at exactly market value isn’t going to draw attention. List lower, and let market competition do more of the heavy lifting. More competition also means more serious offers, but do keep an eye out for offers that seem too good to be true — they probably are, and would be a waste of time. Time is something you don’t want to waste when trying to sell your home, since interest will wane and home values may change. The best offer isn’t necessarily the highest offer, either; look at contingencies and down payment percent as well.

“For sale by owner,” or FSBO, can be tempting because it cuts out the middleman. If sellers don’t have to pay an agent, they keep more of the profit. Seems simple, but as it turns out, their profit will probably still be higher with an agent representing them. Agents have better marketing tools, more experience with pricing and staging, and the ability to host open houses or get in contact with photographers and videographers to create virtual tours. FSBO sellers can decide to do these things themselves, but the cost comes out of their pocket, so they don’t manage to skip out entirely on costs.

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

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