Staging Tips for Bedrooms

You may already be aware of the value of staging your home to attract buyers. Just knowing that you should consider it doesn’t actually tell you how to accomplish that, though. It’s important to note that people spend a lot of time in their bedroom, even when they aren’t sleeping. It’s a place for a multitude of forms of relaxation. So, you want it to look relaxing. If you’re having trouble making your bedrooms look appealing to buyers, maybe these tips will help.

Be careful not to make the place look too much like you, specifically, live there. While staging does involve decorations of some sort, otherwise the place will simply look bland, the decor needs to be somewhat more generic. This allows buyers to imagine themselves living there. On a related note, you should choose neutral colors. You don’t know what colors the buyers will like. They may repaint anyway, but you don’t want to turn them off from even trying. White bed coverings and curtains are best, as they amplify lighting. The position of the furniture is also important. As one would expect, the bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom. It should be situated such that it provides a sense of balance. If possible, put it across from windows or doors. Try to make sure there is space to move around the bed. If none of this is possible, at least place the bed against the room’s longest wall.

Photo by Trend on Unsplash