New Hardwood a Key Upgrade Before Selling

Wood floors are in high demand and significantly increase the value of your home. Unless buyers are specifically looking for the softness of carpeted flooring, even false wood is more appealing than carpet. Of course, hardwood is always going to bring the highest increase in value. Because of this, you may think that if you already have hardwood floors, you don’t need to change anything. But you should still consider replacing it, since new hardwood is even a significant improvement over old hardwood.

It’s fairly simple for buyers to tell if your flooring is old. Hardwood gets scratched and its color dulls. Heavy use and oversanding are easy to spot. Some of these issues can be fixed by simply refinishing it, but if the damage is more than simple wear and tear, such as nails sticking out or boards coming apart, you absolutely want to replace it. Your buyer is going to anyway, so you may as well get more value for your home while improving buyer interest. Even more importantly, old flooring can pose structural issues. This can be spotted anywhere the floor seems to move too much when walking on it.

Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash