Skip These Upgrades if You’re Looking for Return on Investment

It’s common for sellers to perform a few upgrades to their home just prior to selling, in the hopes of fetching a higher price. But there are some upgrades that simply aren’t worth it. Of course, if you’re planning to stay living there, you can go through with these upgrades for yourself. You shouldn’t expect them to help you get a profit, though.

Bathroom remodels are tricky. While remodeled bathrooms are appealing to buyers, they’re also rather expensive. The return on investment usually isn’t very high. Also, if any problems arise, it could result in a much larger amount of time and money spent than expected. This could delay the sale significantly and reduce your profit, even if the end result does bring in interested parties. Living room updates are neither in high demand nor quick. Moreover, if it’s not done in a way potential buyers would want, it could actually reduce interest. While many people nowadays want home offices, unless you need one for yourself, don’t break down walls to convert existing bedrooms. Bedrooms are far more versatile, as they can be used as offices without any structural renovations, or used for their intended purpose. A home with 3 bedrooms and no office is worth more than a home with 2 bedrooms and an office.

Photo by Alexander Fife on Unsplash