Open Houses Are An Opportunity Even If You Aren’t Buying

It’s rather common for neighbors to get curious about open houses and just pop in for a look. Most of the time, they aren’t planning to buy anything, let alone a house right next to where they already are. This has the potential to frustrate some sellers who are perceiving more interest than there actually is, but the neighbor is not necessarily simply being a nuisance. Open houses are an excellent opportunity for people planning to sell, as well.

Buyers usually don’t look in their own area, but as a seller, you can definitely use prices in your own area for a general assessment of the value of your own home. This is especially true if the homes are similar, but even a vague less than/greater than guess is better than nothing. Just keep in mind that it’s only a loose estimate. The price point isn’t the only information you can gather from an open house, though. Recently remodeled homes are great pointers for current trends, and can help you decide on how to remodel your own home. You can also pick up general decor tips. Even the things that you find wrong with the house can tell you what not to do.

Photo by Dmitry Limonov on Unsplash