Most Recent Buyers Underestimated Costs Beyond Purchase Price

Most buyers are aware that homeownership has some extra costs associated with it. You can’t just pay the purchase price and be done. But it seems the vast majority aren’t prepared for just how high those costs can be. A whopping 90% of homebuyers in the past three years underestimated the hidden costs of homeownership, and 73% regretted some aspect of their purchase.

For a third of them, the culprit was property taxes. Even if you have purchased before, buying a new home in a high-priced market will probably drastically change your property tax values. A quarter or slightly over a quarter of respondents didn’t think roof work, renovations, or utilities would be so expensive. Annual expenses among respondents average $17,459 on top of mortgage payments. In hindsight, 57% of buyers know what they would have done differently. Among this subgroup, 42% would have purchased a home that didn’t require quite so much maintenance. It may cost more up front, but the annual costs could be significantly lower. 33% think they just needed to negotiate a lower price, and 29% would have gone for a lower-priced home to begin with. 27% believe it was simply the wrong time to buy, and they would have waited for a better deal.

Photo by Антон Дмитриев on Unsplash