What to Know Before Investing in Real Estate

Looking for investment property is a bit different from looking for a personal home. There are a considerable number of factors when purchasing a personal home, such as affordability, whether it suits your needs, proximity to work, schools, and shopping, and whether you actually like the space. But with investment property, while you probably won’t be getting much return on your investment if no one wants to live there, it’s not your own preferences you should be looking out for.

Ultimately, investment property does come down to your bottom line, and finding something you can afford and that has a good return on investment is certainly very important. But it’s important to realize that your return on investment is partially determined by others’ preferences — which means you need to know what they are. Research the market area and figure out trends. Which types of homes are selling, and to what type of clientele? Also, don’t discount remodeling. It may have a higher up-front cost, but if it does, the return on investment is sure to be high as well in the long term. You may even find it’s actually cheaper to buy a home in need of care and remodel it into something similar to existing homes.

Photo by eskay lim on Unsplash