Tips to Reduce Renovation Costs

Renovations can be expensive. Even if you can afford it, lowering the costs may end up being a better return on investment, even if the renovation is less extensive or lower quality than you wanted. Of course, if you can do the renovations yourself, that is by far the cheapest — though most time-consuming — option. But even hiring contractors has the potential to be much cheaper than you’d think.

When performing home renovations, the immediate assumption is that all the additions are going to be brand new. That doesn’t have to be the case. Gently used products may still be better quality than what you have now. The contractors you’re hiring may even have just taken some cabinets from a previous client — ask if they have anything suitable on hand that they would need to get rid of somehow anyway. You may even be able to do everything through one contractor. Though you’re still paying for every renovation, you may avoid repeated fees by not being charged by multiple companies. Of course, you may have to scale back your renovation plans to do this. Not every company is willing or able to perform every renovation.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash